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Shrubs for a purpose | Shade, Sun, Damp or Dry.

All shrubs are grown for a purpose of course, but some have a particular purpose as far as you are concerned.

Shrubs for shade, shrubs for sun, shrubs for groundcover purposes, in containers, for different seasons, for different flower colours - and the like.

This is the section that deals with all of those special places or special reasons to plant shrubs. In short - shrubs for a particular purpose.

To whet your appetite here are 10 good reasons for planting shrubs.

  • Fragrant and Scented Spring Flowering Shrubs
  • Shrubs for all year round colour and interest - The ultimate in shrub borders.
  • Shrubs that Bloom all Summer. Summer defined, and a good selection of long flowering shrubs in the hot months.
  • Climbing Shrubs - One of our most popular sections. Most of the popular climbing plants are to be found within the shrub sections, Clematis, Jasmine, Trumpet Vine and also a bit of a surprise - one of the Hydrangeas!
  • Climbing Evergreens - Next in popularity, and will included many flowering evergreen shrubs. Passion Flower, Evergreen Clematis, Evergreen Honeysuckle, The Star Jasmine and a host of others.
  • Shrubs with Berries - Often multi purpose, for to have berries, they also need to flower! One of the most popular berrying shrubs is the Firethorn. It is not always realised that Firethorns (Pyracantha) and have a great display of flowers in May or June.
  • Shrubs for Hedges - A few different ideas of what to use for hedges. This section should steer you away from the ubiquitous Privet. Nothing wring with Privet in the right place, but there are other hedging shrubs worth a try.
  • Best Shrubs for Privacy in the garden. Shrubs can help to give you privacy in your garden. This allows you to use the garden more to your advantage in your leisure time.
  • Shrubs and Bushes for Landscaping projects. A slightly different and daring approach to this subject
  • Winter Flowering Heathers - Good for Groundcover as well. heathers have a bit of a bad name for their difficulty in growing. This is not so with the winter flowering Ericas - Erica carnea and Erica x darleyensis, for they are not too fussy as to soil type that they are grow in.
  • Winter Stem and Bark Effect from Shrubs
  • Ground Cover Shrubs for Gardens
  • Shrubs for Damp Areas
  • Best Winter Flowering Shrubs. Not easy to pin down ten of the best - nor did I succeed! (Too many by far.). I have spend many a cold morning photographing winter flowering shrubs. It has always been worth the discomfort. To enjoy them in your garden, you do not have to spend a long time waiting for the right light for the photograph!
  • Good Foliage Shrubs - Many shrubs are worth growing just foe the colour of texture of their foliage. The big plus is that foliage effect normally lasts longer than a flush of flowers!
  • Best Evergreen Shrubs - Virtually all of the evergreen shrubs also have flowers - and quite spectacular at that. Rhododendrons, Daphne, Pieris, Camellias, Hebes are just a few to whet your appetite.
  • Best Evergreen flowering shrubs Many evergreen shrubs also flower. Some of the best flowering shrubs are also evergreen.


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