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Take time out for your garden. Your life will be fuller for it! There is nothing quite so satisfying as starting your plants off and seeing them reach maturity - giving you a show of colour in what is becoming a stressful life. Gardening is going from strength to strength, and is a great hobby to have - especially in these increasingly busy times.

We have help sections that start you off with the raising of new or small plants, and then guiding you through all stages of developments and the subsequent aftercare. Hopefully we will alert you the potential problems with our comprehensive guides.

Gardening can be an important aspect of your general wellbeing - whether it is a bit of exercise digging the vegetable plot, or just drooling over the colourful display you have in your easy-to-care-for window box or patio tub.

We are always pleased to hear from you - either about the site, or about your garden, or maybe you have a suggestion that you want us to explore. We are all in gardening together.

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This is an indepth website, we currently have 5,200 pages of gardening. You can explore via the navigation bar above, category - sub category - subject. Or you can use the Search Bar, if you are looking for "How to prune my Photinia Red Robin" this will search Our Website Only (it is powered by google and contains adverts).

Recommended Gardening Categories

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In this section you will learn about Gardening Basics, Containers, Landscaping, Propagation and Soil.

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Learn - all aspects of lawn maintenance, how to build and maintain a pond, care and grow vegetables and fruit, fit for your table.

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Identify Weeds in The Garden - How to deal with weeds. Diseases and Pest which harm your garden and plants, learn how to prevent, deter and erradicate your garden problems.

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Pruning Guide. Shrubs flower better with correct pruning. Many illustrations and examples of what to do - and when. Includes evergreens, roses, flowering shrubs, spring flowering shrubs and pruning for stem effect. This is our most viewed and comprehensive section,

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Gardening Businesses listed in the UK counties and USA states. County and State Listings of businesses involved in Garden supplies and services. If you wish to be added to the Directory, please send us your information. Having problems, use the search box


Featured Gardening Topics

  • Miscanthus grasses
    Ornamental Grasses
    are a welcome addition to any garden - in almost any situation. The fact that 'grass' is so commonplace - lawns, weeds, cereal crops, and now even as bio-fuel, sometimes puts gardeners off using this wide range of plants for the ornamental garden.
  • Penstemon Ruby
    are one of the most versatile groups of plants that can be used in the garden. Other than the range of colours in many assorted types of flowers, many perennials can be grown just for their foliage effect.
  • Lily Touching
    Flowering Bulbs in the Garden
    A whole new world of gardening awaits those who use garden bulbs to their full extent, for it is possible to have flower bulbs of one kind or another, in bloom throughout all of the year. This, certainly in the UK
  • Coloured begonia rex leaf
    House Plants
    If you wish to grow house or indoor plants successfully, you have to know a little bit about them. In particular, try to replicate the growing conditions which were their original habitats as much as possible. Is Not always easy! for many of the plants that are sold as houseplants - or indoor plants - originate in tropical countries.
  • Potentilla Pink
    Plants A-Z
    - Everything to do with plants which are listed not in the main sections - A-Z
  • Wisteria image
    Climbing Plants
    Climbing Plants can give added height to gardens small and large, without taking up too much ground space. Vertical gardening at its best.
  • Fuchsia cuttings being potted
    Plant Propagation
    Propagation of plants by taking cuttings and sowing seeds. Plant propagation is a huge subject. we discuss seed sowing and taking cuttings of most plants.
  • Acer Trees and Shrubs
    Acer Trees and Shrubs
    Advice information about Acers and Japanese Maples. The best acer or maple varieties, with advice information on care of Japanese forms of the maple family
  • about landscape gardening image
    Landscape Gardening
    Help, Tips and advice with landscape gardening projects. Designing your own landscape garden or building your garden - here is all the landscape gardening help you will need for your landscape garden.

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