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Garden Shrubs Beginning with E - a-z Letter listing

Eedgeworthia Erica; Elaeagnus; Enkianthus; Erythrina; Euchryphia; Euonymus; Euphorbia; Euphatorium; Exochorda:


Ericas - Heathers feature in our E listing of garden shrubs. They are such a wide ranging group of plants, with flowering periods in dead of winter or midst of summer. Yes - you can have Erica colour all the year round.

  • Edgeworthia flowerEdgeworthia – Paper Bush: - The yellow and red flowered varieties of this shrub gives pleasure in mid winter. Hardier as it matures - but need shelter - like a woodland setting.
  • Elaeagnus flowers imageElaeagnus - Oleaster: -  For me, the overwhelming advantage of this group of mainly evergreen shrubs, is the rich fragrance from insignificant flowers. just when you need it - November and December. But of course, it is the foliage that attracts most growers. So be it.
  • Elaeagnus pungens Frederici has variegations that are deep cream rather than the normal gold.

Sambucus - ElderflowerElderberry - Sambucus - Elderflower -  see sambucus main details

Embothrium – Chilean Fire Bush: -  The Flame flower shrub is more or less hardy, and a mass of rich scarlet flowers in early summer, together with evergreen foliage. Get one!

Enkianthus: - Majestic group of large shrubs with pendant flowers in shades of pink or through to red. Need acid soil for best results, though have seen superb specimens on neutral soils also.


Erica – Heather – Heath: - A distinct and very useful group of low shrubs for colour at any time of the year. just care for them properly.

Eriobotrya - Loquat: -  Large evergreen leaves to 12 in long and gorgeous scent from white flowers. The down side being that you will need to live in a 'warm' climate to grow them outside.

Eryogonum – Wild Buckwheat: -  Evergreen with furry foliage, and flowers of yellow or sometimes pink. Fully hardy with maturity, though can be frost tender in younger years.

Erodium – Heron’s Bill – Stork Bill: -  More of a sub shrub that resembles the hardy geraniums as ar as flowers are concerned.

Erythrina flowersErythrina – Coral Tree: - Take a bit of care with winter mulching, and these can be quite hardy. Always the centre of attention wherever these shrubs are planted.


Eucalyptus tree bark peelingEucalyptus Iron Bark – Gum Tree: -  Trees rather than shrubs,but an annual hard pruning session can keep them down to size with masses of silver foliage.

Eucryphia white flowersEucryphia: - Normally hardy evergreen - but shelter is appreciated - with pure white flowers en-masse.Not planted as often as it should be - a good largish shrub.

  • Euonymus - Spindle Tree berriesEuonymus japonicus. Little-used evergreen shrub! Not a favourite of mine (Ed!) there are many better Euonymus to be found - they will be added to the list as time allows.
    Euonymus – Spindle Tree: - Also known as the burning bush - the autumn foliage and fruits of the deciduous type always please, whilst the variegated evergreens are not to be ignored.

Euphatorium flowersEuphatorium: - More of a sub shrub, but always welcome in the shrub border - especially if damp area.

  • Euphorbia lime yellow flowersEuphorbia: - Most are perennials but with one or two that can be classed as sub shrubs. Well worth using.
    Euphorbia characias Wulfenii - A good shrub version of the Euphorbias

Euryops: - Yellow flowers aplenty with silver foliage on this low growing shrub.

Exochorda The Bride - white flowersExochorda – Pearl Bush – Bridal Bush: - Purest white flowers over deciduous foliage. Height eventually to 8 feet or so (2.4m)


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